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Stainless steel hardening and tempering line

Stainless steel hardening and tempering line


Application: Hardening & Tempering

Material Heated:Stainless steel, carbon steel

Length Allow:Not limited

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Forever hardening and tempering furnace can be available for various kinds of materials, such as seamless steel, stainless steel, carbon steel, high speed steel etc. Especially we have finished two sets of ø30-60 mm Stainless steel hardening and tempering line for Shanghai customer in China.

● Material: Stainless steel

● Process:Hardening and tempering

● Heating way:Electrical induction heating

● Driving motor:Germany SEW

● Working process:Automatic loading & feeding–Austenitizing–Conveying–Tempering holding–Discharging–Uploading

 The characteristics of the Stainless steel hardening and tempering line:

● Conveying roller table: It is installed in the inductor inlet, powered by a variable frequency motor.Its running speed is not adjustable, and its running speed is slightly faster than the heating conveyor roller.

● Heating conveying roller: it is specially used to adjust the running speed of the workpiece during heating. It is also driven by a variable frequency motor to adjust its heating speed according to the heating process requirements of different specifications. Because the V roller of the heating roller is located in the high temperature working area, the center of the roller shaft is perforated and the cooling water is used to cool the roller.

● Fast discharging roller table: the roller is installed at the discharge end and powered by another motor, which runs much faster than the conveying roller table used for heating. When the workpiece finish quenching, the roller motor will start immediately to drive the workpiece away from the quenching area quickly.

● The unloading device: when the workpiece reaches the end of the roller,the sensor installed at the roller end will send an order of “Unloading”, then the cylinder under the roller will push the workpiece and the workpiece will rolled into the receiving table.

● The stainless steel after hardening and tempering doesn’t have phenomenon of decarbonization, crack or deformation.


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