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steel pipe induction hardening and temperin machine

steel pipe induction hardening and temperin machine


● Application: Heat treatment line for long bar, long shaft, long round bar

● Size : ø 10-150mm

●  Material: S45C, SCM440,42CRMO4, 16MNCR5, 40CR4

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Oil drill pipe induction heat treatment furnace is an induction heating equipment specially designed for petroleum machinery industry. Drill pipe medium frequency quenching and tempering equipment is mainly composed of medium frequency induction power supply, conveying system, induction heating system, control system, etc. The whole set of induction heating equipment is controlled by PLC and industrial computer.

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Technical characteristics of oil drill pipe hardening and tempering furnace:

Oil casing conditioning equipment can realize tension control, automatic feeding and unloading, automatic heating and other automatic control.

The tube heating furnace has a temperature tracking system, which has accurate temperature control and fast heating speed.

Drill pipe IF quenching and tempering equipment has self-diagnosis function, setting parameters arbitrarily not up to the standard, and the system automatically alarms.

The oil drill pipe conditioning production line adopts humanized man-machine interface, which is easy to learn and use, and easy to maintain.


Medium frequency drill pipe induction quenching and tempering equipment service:

1. The high-quality and fast technical service of Forever Electrical Machinery and Electricity Co., Ltd. is online all day long to answer users’questions in time and help users solve problems.

2. Free training, free technical training for users’operators and maintenance knowledge of oil drill pipe quenching and tempering production line;

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