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Bar heating furnace for forging

Bar heating furnace for forging


Application: Forging & Forging

Material Heated:Carbon Steel & Alloy Steel

Diameter Allow: Φ20-300mm

Length Allow:Not limited

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Product Name: Bar heating furnace for forging

Typical Application:

With mature electromagnetic induction heating technology, Forever automatic induction heating furnace is mainly used for steel induction heating before hot rolling, forging & forming such as steel bar, round bar, stainless round bar,stainless hex bar,stainless square bar, grinding rod, drill rod, steel wire,large round bars and so on. Welcome your inquiry for Forever bar heating furnace.

● Bar type: Steel bar, round bar, rebar, grinding rod, sucker rod, drill rod, long bar, thread bar
● Bar diameter: ø20-300mm
● Temperature control: Automatic temperature adjustment
● Application: Heating before forging, rolling or other heat treatment
● Heating method: Magnetic induction heating
● Cooling mode: Water cooling.

induction bar heating for rolling

Induction forging process refers to using the bar heating furnace to heat metal bar, rod, billet or bloom before prior to forging. After heating up the material, the forging process will be done on different types of machines: Forging hammer, mechanical press, hydraulic machine, screw press etc.

Bar heating furnace with electromagnetic induction heating

  • Uniform heating, very less oxidation
  • High efficiency, no preheating time
  • Accurate temperature control 
  • Energy saving
  • No physical contact
  • Control and located heat
  • Can be integrated in production lines
  • Improved environmental conditions

Our service for bar heating furnace

  • One sales person and one technician will serve you after you buy our bar heating furnace.
  • Professional engineer will go to your plant to help you to install & debug the induction forging furnace.
  • 12 months quality guarantee provided.
  • Free spare pars along with the induction heating equipment provided.
  • Any problems during using our equipment, we will help you to solve.


Diameter Bar Length Heating Temp. Power
Ø 16 mm 300mm 950℃ 250KW/4000Hz
Ø 31-80 mm 70-480mm 1250℃ 500KW/2500Hz
Ø 120 mm 1500mm 1250℃ 2000KW/1000HZ

As our induction heater is all customized, the above parameters are only for your reference. Please contact us for more detailed solutions according to your bar size, heating temperature & production capacity per hour.质量英文版 001_副本customercompany


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