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billet continuous casting furnace

billet continuous casting furnace


Application:billet continuous casting

Workpiece: steel billet ,square steel

Length Allow:Not limited

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The induction heating furnace for billet continuous casting furnace is a special induction heating equipment for production line customized by Hebei Yuantuo Electrical and Mechanical Factory.

Yuantuo Customizes the Technical Case Parameters of Billet Continuous Casting Continuous Stripping Heating Furnace for Customers:
Equipment Brand: Yuantuo Machinery and Electricity
Workpiece Material: Carbon Steel Alloy Steel
Workpiece Outer Diameter: 150 mm X150 mm Billet
Workpiece length: 3.0m
Heating temperature: 850 degrees to 1150 degrees (300 degrees or so)
Blank Induction heating machine configuration:

1. Furnace frame (including capacitor bank, water channel, circuit and gas channel)
2. Induction heating system
3. Storage Platform and Automatic Feeding Device of Pinch Roller for Blank Induction Heating Electric Furnace
4. Quick discharging device of pinch roll
5. Infrared Temperature Measurement System
6. Transformers (selfselected according to customers’actual needs)
7. Capacitors (self-selection according to customers’actual needs)
8. PLC General Operating Console
9. Equipped with cooling tower for billet continuous casting heating furnace
10. Slab induction heating furnace is controlled by medium frequency induction heating power supply

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