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logo1             Induction Heating Equipment Specialist       

                   Forever, established in 2004, is a manufacturing and service enterprise that specialized in the

                   design and major manufacturing in metal heat treatment & metal forming industry. Forever has 80

                   workers and 15 technicians, which  is able to provide a whole production line for the heat treatment

                   plant and steel making plant. Cost-effective, highly efficient, durable and easy-to operate machine is

                   what we deliver.So far, Forever induction heating equipment has exported to Taiwan, Vietnam,  

                  Indonesia, Russia, India, Argentina, Serbia, Iran, Africa, Central Asia and do on. 

                      Forever commitment is to provide:

                      1. Quality induction heating equipment;

                      2. Cost effective solutions;

                      3. Professional Service.

                      Forever scope is devoted Total Solution billet forming, metal heat treatment.

logo2          Main Products

                      1.Induction forging furnace: Induction billet heater

                                                                 Inline billet induction heater

                                                                 Aluminum billet induction heater

                      2.Induction Q & T machine: Bar quenching & tempering line

                                                                   Pipe quenching & tempering line                         

                      3.Induction heat treatment line: Long bar heat treatment machine

                                                                        Grinding rod heat treatment line

                                                                        Wind turbine bolt heat treatment line

                                                                         Sucker rod heat treatment line

                                                                         Sway bar heat treatment line

                                                                          Tubing heat treatment line

                                                                          Casing heat treatment line

                                                                          Plate heat treatment line

                          4.Steel ball hot rolling line:  Steel ball forging furnace

                                                                      Steel ball hot rolling furnace

logo3           Customized solutions

                  Forever can provide the Project proposal and Layout design Equipment and facility selection for

                your heat treatment industry and steel making industry, we owned a whole team of technical

                personnel which can help you run your factory till the factory make profit. Welcome domestic

               and abroad customers and would appreciated your advice with open arms.

logo4       Mission statement

                Our mission is to serve our customers with high quality products and services which meet or exceed

               their expectations,  functionality, delivery timeliness, and cost effectiveness. Our Goal is to make the

               Forever the leading world -class metal heat treatment equipment manufacturer, making Forever the

               first choice when metal heat treatment & forming machine is required.

logo5         Forever factory 

Forever factory

         Forever Workshop

Forever workshop

       Forever office & meeting room

office and meeting room

      Forever warehouse & spare parts warehouse

warehouse and spare parts


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