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Steel plate induction hardening tempering

Steel plate induction hardening tempering


Application: Hardening & Tempering, Solution

Material Heated:Carbon steel 45#,40Cr,42CrMo,65Mn

Cooling way: Water cooling

Length Allow:Not limited

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Steel plate hardening tempering

●   Process : Steel plate hardening tempering
●   Heating method: Induction heating
●   Transportation: Roller conveyor
●   Temperature measurement method: Non-contact infrared thermometer

steel plate hardening tempering line

Advantages for Steel plate hardening tempering

●     Available for achievement of automatic production
●     Customized designed and made as per customer’s requirements
●     Automatic loading & unloading system
●     High production capacity
●     Saving raw material & cost
●     High reliability for equipment performance
●     Energy saving

Equipment configuration and workflow

Storage rack → conveying device → power supply cabinet → Remote console → induction heating → water quenching →tempering→ discharging device → receiving rack

    Please give the following parameters before consulting the induction heating equipment, Forever professional technicians will provide proposal as per your parameters.

    ●   Work piece size? 
    ●   Heating temperature? 
    ●   What is the production capacity?
    ●   What kind of control? 
    ●   High end or low configuration?
    ●   Domestic accessories or import accessories? 
    ●   Ordinary power supply or energy saving power supply?

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