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saving energy bar induction hardening furnace

saving energy bar induction hardening furnace


● Application: Heat treatment line for long bar, long shaft, long round bar

● Size : ø 10-150mm

●  Material: S45C, SCM440,42CRMO4, 16MNCR5, 40CR4

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Hebei FOREVER Electrical and Mechanical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is an early manufacturer of large steel rod heating equipment engaged in R&D, production and sales. The large steel rod induction heating furnace has the advantages of full automation, complete specifications, good quality and low price.

Configuration structure of steel bar surface save energy induction heating furnace :

The steel bar induction heating furnace is composed of Forever ‘s unique intelligent medium frequency induction heating furnace,medium frequency tempering system, closed water cooling system, storage rack, quenching machine feeding device, infrared temperature measurement, spray cooling system, tempering machine feeding device, feeding rack and central control system.induction heat treatment machine

Characteristic of FOREVER Electrical and Mechanical Steel Bar save energy induction heating furnace :

1. The steel rod induction heating furnace is customized according to the size of the workpiece, heating without dead angle, heating temperature is uniform, and product quality is improved.

2. The power of the steel bar surface heat treatment production line can be allocated according to the user’s needs to achieve full power output to ensure that the production capacity of the equipment meets the user’s requirements.

3. Round steel heating equipment adopts automatic feeding and feeding mechanism, which reduces the transportation time of workpiece and has high automation degree.

4. Set up complete system protection device, with automatic alarm and prompt function, safe and reliable;

5. Simple structure, reliable operation, energy saving and environmental protection;

6. Energy-saving of steel rod heating equipment: energy-saving of more than 20% under the same power level compared with high frequency equipment such as electronic tube;

7. It belongs to non-standard customization equipment, which can meet the requirements of different users.

8. Low noise and no dust.


After-sales service guarantee:

1. FOREVER Electrical and Mechanical Co., Ltd. is responsible for installing, debugging and normal operation of large steel rod heating equipment ordered by users free of charge.

2. Provide free induction heating equipment basic operation and daily maintenance training services for users at the installation site



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