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Steel pipe spraying heating equipment

Steel pipe spraying heating equipment


Power: 200kw-1200kw
Speed: 20-200m/min
Features: Fast heating speed, precise temperature control, minimal thermal radiation and noise, improving product quality.

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Characteristics of Steel pipe spraying heating equipment :

1. The steel pipe spraying heating equipment adopts a medium frequency induction heating power supply control designed by Forever Professional, which can achieve high-power regulation.
2. The unique cooling circulation system ensures that the anti-corrosion equipment inside the pipeline works continuously for 24 hours.
3. The steel pipe spraying heating equipment has small volume, light weight, convenient movement, no high voltage danger, and safe operation.
4. High reliability, simple and convenient maintenance, complete self-protection functions such as overvoltage, overcurrent, overheating, phase loss, and water shortage.
5. Adopting large-scale integrated circuit digital automatic control, it has manual, automatic, semi-automatic, and heating, insulation, and cold shortage time division control functions.
6. The steel pipe spraying equipment is free of dust, pollution, and toxic gases during the production process.
7. Steel pipes treated with  Steel pipe spraying heating furnace are resistant to corrosion, salt water, salt spray, etc

The advantages of using IGBT induction heating power control for steel pipe spraying machine:

◆ Safe and reliable, compared to electronic tube equipment, it has no high voltage of 10000 volts and is safe to operate;
Compared to electronic tube equipment and thyristor equipment, it has a smaller volume;
◆ Adopting IGBT power device series resonance technology, with high power factor and low pollution to the power grid;
◆ phase-locked loop technology, achieving automatic frequency tracking, complete protection functions, and high reliability;
◆ Full load duration, capable of continuous operation;
The steel pipe heating equipment can be remotely controlled and equipped with infrared temperature measurement to achieve automatic temperature control and improve heating quality;
Compared with other traditional heating methods, the surface of the workpiece has fewer oxide layers and higher processing quality.


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