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inducton forging preheating furnace

inducton forging preheating furnace


Application: induction preheating
Workpiece: long bar, casing, sucker rod
Length Allow:Not limited

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Hebei Yuantuo Electrical and Mechanical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is an entity enterprise which specializes in R&D, design, manufacture, sale and service of hot rolling reheating furnace for steel balls. Yuantuo Electrical and Mechanical Ball Continuous Rolling Heating Furnace realizes automation and mechanization production, and reduces the labor intensity of workers. Welcome to call Hebei Yuantuo Electrical and Mechanical Equipment, we provide you with a constructive technical solution for the heating production line of steel ball continuous rolling.

Yuantuo Electrical and Mechanical Co., Ltd. can produce power from 160 KW-8000KW, heating diameter baa, 20-baa 150, steel bar length is unlimited, according to customer demand, PLC closed-loop control of medium frequency diathermy furnace can be realized. The reheating furnace for continuous rolling of steel balls is a 25-125 steel ball reheating production line customized by Yuantuo Electrical Machinery for a customer in Shandong Province.

The main production process of hot rolling reheating furnace for steel balls is as follows:
1. After inspection, round steel bars are sheared into steel ball blanks (generally 6000 mm) according to the length of fixed length.
2. The billet of steel ball is heated to a suitable temperature in the production line before rolling.
3. After the red hot billet is fed into the ball mill, it rotates between two rolls with special spiral grooves and is rolled into balls continuously.
4. When the hot red steel balls are cooled to quenching temperature, they are quenched immediately in the on-line ball rolling reheating furnace. The ball collecting box collects and cools, and the off-line trolley resistance furnace tempers, which makes the steel balls obtain high and uniform hardness.
5. The qualified products are sent to the finished product warehouse and packaged and sent to customers.

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