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Aluminum billet induction heater

Aluminum billet induction heater


Available for induction heating billet of aluminum,steel,copper

Automatic feeding and discharging

Siemens control system


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Product Name:  aluminum billet induction heating furnace

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Forever is China professional manufacturer and exporter of aluminum billet induction heater, which is used for aluminum heating before forging or extrusion, aluminum billet heat treatment like stress reliving. Our offered aluminum billet induction heater is designed according to the requirements of the clients to suit their different heating requirements.

Aluminum billet induction heater layout drawing

aluminum billet induction heating



aluminum billet induction heater main advantages

   ●  Available for heating billets of aluminium, copper and copper based alloys.

   ●  Equipped with cold and hot billet handling system like cold billet elevator, pusher, motorized roller type hot billet discharge, counter holder, etc.

   ●  Easy to heat variety of billet length without changing any taps, etc 

   ●  Adopting induction heating method, no preheating time,energy saving and low power consumption.

   ●  Non-contact infrared thermometer can make you monitor the heating temperature easily.

   ●  All the cables,inductor and capacitor are well protected for long time service life.

   ●  Advanced PLC control, power & temperature control and the console operating interface can show local language.

Forever induction heating equipment series

   ●  Induction aluminum heating furnace for aluminum shear

   ●   Induction aluminum heating furnace for aluminum forging

   ●   Induction aluminum heating furnace for aluminum stress reliving.

   ●  Induction billet heater for billet rolling

   ●  Long bar hardening and tempering production line

   ●  Steel ball production line 750质量英文版 001_副本customercompany


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