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Alloy aluminum heat treatment equipment

Alloy aluminum heat treatment equipment


Application Alloy aluminum bar heating, forging, hot shear
Power 100 KW-10000 KW
Non standard
Professional Customization

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Product NameAlloy aluminum heat treatment equipment

Typical Application:

Forever alloy aluminum heat treatment equipment is built for a broad range of applications:including alloy aluminum heat treatment, alloy aluminum heating, tempering, coating, annealing, hot shearing.

Featuring fast, clean and energy efficient continuous alloy aluminum heating, induction heating system with Forever equipment is the ideal alloy aluminum heating method for achieving a quality finished product.

Alloy aluminum heat treatment equipment is specially used for alloy aluminum or aluminum heat treatment. The total power of the alloy aluminum heat treatment equipment is 1000 KW, equipped with GTR-280 induction heating furnace. Our equipment can monitor the tapping temperature on line because it has infrared thermometer to ensure the product quality.

Equipment technical requirement

  1. Material: Alloy aluminum
  2. φ 254× 1000 mm Billet size: φ 254× 1000 mm 
  3. Weight: 143 KG
  4. Heating temperature: 450 -550
  5. Production capacity: 170 S/piece

Equipment Components

  • 1000 kW/400Hz frequency transformer
  • GT-280 induction heating furnace(the inductor can be designed as per your work piece shape and size)
  • Billet lifting machine
  • Supervisory control desk
  • Rectifier transformer
  • Infrared radiation thermometer
  • Medium frequency cable750质量英文版 001_副本

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