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Why Forever?

 advanced technology for induction heating

12 years of experience of designing and manufacturing induction heating system, Forever has been the leading supplier of induction heating equipment in China.

 Forever parallel and series resonant intelligent control technology of intellectual property rights, all-digital touch-screen operation, ranking the leading domestic and international forefront position.

High degree of automation: Forever has fully automatic production line including automatic feeder,automatic discharging device, automatic control system & precious temperature control automatically.

customized solution for induction heating

 Senior engineer team can provide excellent system solutions.

According to user’s plant actual conditions and heating process requirements, Forever engineers will give customized & cost effective solutions.

components for induction heating

Forever main components are from well known suppliers, which has reliable performance and long service life.

after-sales service

● First class service engineers and second class service specialists are double technical support;

 To provide customers with double technical support for operators and equipment management and maintenance personal.

 12 months quality guarantee and free spare parts replacement.

 Troubleshooting within one day.

 To provide more relevant service according to customer individual requirements.

Forever typical cases

In 2008, Forever finished the first domestic mining grinding rod hardening and tempering line;

In 2009,Forever finished the first domestic 2500KW induction heating line for steel ball hot rolling;

In 2012,Forever finished the first domestic 4000KW induction heating line working with IF power supply and superaudio frequency for rebar hot rolling;

In 2014, Forever finished 7500KW induction heating production line for steel billet continuous casting and rolling temperature compensation;

In 2015, Forever finished 5500KW large power induction heating production line for ø100-120 steel ball hot rolling which is the first in China;

In 2009-2015, Forever finished many anchor bolt hardening and tempering line; the quantity and quality ranked first in China.