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Long bar induction quenching and tempering machine

Long bar induction quenching and tempering machine


Application: Quenching & Tempering

Material Heated:45#,40Cr,42CrMo,65Mn

Bar Diameter Allow: Φ20-110mm

Pipe Diameter Allow: Φ60-300mm

Length Allow:Not limited

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long bar induction quenching tempering furnace

Long bar quenching tempering machine are used for heat treatment of long bar, pipe, drill pipe, rod,wire, plate etc.

Induction quenching processes are used to impart specific mechanical properties to a component in order to render it fit for use. Induction tempering is used to eliminate residual stress generated in quenching process, prevent deformation and cracking. At the same time, it will adjust the workpiece hardness, strength, plasticity and toughness

customized long bar quenching


  • IGBT(SIEMENS) technology, high conversion efficiency
  • Energy saving 15%-30%
  • Much more efficient than gas-fired and coal-fired method
  • 100% start-up success rate; power factor > 95%
  • Perfect and complete protection functions, increasing machine’s reliability & stability
  • No special foundations required, Low operating cost, Easy operation
  • Modular design, ease of maintaining and repairing

Long bar quenching and tempering line main parts

  • Automatic feeder,transmission device
  • Induction heating furnace
  • Quenching box
  • Tempering furnace
  • Automatic discharging
  • IF power supply
  • Remote console

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