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Bolt induction hardening and tempering furnace

Bolt induction hardening and tempering furnace


Application         Bolt heating, hardening, tempering, harden & temper
Power     100 KW-8000 KW
Non standard    Professional customization
Temp.control    Infrared thermometer

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Product NameBolt induction hardening and tempering furnace


Typical application:

Forever induction heating offers high level of flexibility in fastener applications in both high and low temperature requirements. Our anchor bolt hardening and tempering system can do quenching and high temperature tempering for various kinds of bolts.

Performance and features Bolt hardening and tempering system


● Uniform heating,heating surface to the core,high control precision;

●  Full range of energy-optimized design, low energy consumption, high efficiency, low production costs than coal;

● Simple production operations, flexible material charging and discharging, available for online production;

● Rapid work piece heating speed, less oxide layer, high efficiency, good quality forgings;

● Precise control for work piece heating length, speed and temperature;

● Integrated design for inductors, different inductors have quick-connector, which is easier to replace;

Forever special induction heat treating system

● Oil drill pipe seam weld induction heat treating system

● Long shaft hardening and tempering line

● Anchor bolt hardening and tempering system

● Steel bar induction heating equipment

● Stressing steel bar hardening and tempering line

● Slab induction heating system

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