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Long bar induction hardening and tempering line

Long bar induction hardening and tempering line


Application         Hardening & temepring  
Power  100KW-8000KW
Non standard Professional customization
Temp.control Infrared thermometer

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Product NameLong bar induction hardening and tempering line

Typical application:

 Induction hardening and tempering is a heat treatment process including quenching and tempering, which can increase the hardness and  ductibility of metal. Forever long bar induction hardening and tempering line can satisfy your heat treatment of various kinds of work piece.Our long bar induction hardening and tempering line can do heat treatment for the following work piece:

● Long bar or short bar hardening and tempering

● Shaft hardening and tempering

● Sucker rod hardening and tempering

● Oil casing hardening and tempering

● Oil pipe hardening and tempering

● Steel pipe hardening and tempering

● Round bar & flat bar hardening and tempering

● Dozer blade hardening and tempering

● Knife steel hardening and tempering

Long bar induction hardening and tempering line details

induction hardening tempering

By first heating the long bar to between 1050 and 1090°C and then quickly cooling (quenching) it, the  long bar will become much harder, but also more brittle.To reduce the brittleness, the long bar is tempered, usually by heating bars to 175–350°C for 2 hours, which results in a hardness of 53–63 HRC and a good balance between sharpness retention, grindability and toughness.

Advantages of Forever induction heat treating system include:

● Automatic feeding and discharging device.

● Uniform and fast hardening.

● Designed and manufactured as per your work piece shape and size.

● Typically uses carbon and alloy steels with a carbon content between 0.30% and 1.00%.

● Good protection functions for long term performance.

● Less distortion than other heating methods like carburizing and flame hardening.

● Material costs are reduced as process is compatible with lower hardenability, lower-cost alloys.

● High efficient, reliable, safe & long life.

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