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Round bar hardening and tempering furnace

Round bar hardening and tempering furnace


Application Round bar hardening, tempering, forging, rolling,extrusion
Power 100KW-10000KW
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Product Name: Round bar hardening and tempering furnace

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Forever round bar hardening and tempering furnace has friendly man-machine interface and Siemens PLC closed loop control system which can control the heating temperature.Please tell us round bar diameter, length and production capacity.We will give you the most suitable and energy saving technical solutions and price.

Advantages of round bar hardening and tempering furnace

● The round steel bar can be heated uniformly; the temperature can be controlled exactly.

By choosing reasonable working efficiency,  adjusting the appropriate diathermy temperature, Forever round  bar hardening and tempering furnace can ensure there is little temperature difference from the surface to the core. The temperature control system can monitor and control the heating temperature exactly to ensure product repeat precision.

● Fast heating, little oxidation and decarbonization and high heating efficiency.

As the medium frequency induction heating principle is electromagnetic induction, the heat is generated in the work piece itself.This heating method has good features of fast heating speed, less oxidation, high heating efficiency and fine work piece repeatability. Metal surface  only has a slight peeling and slight polishing can recover mirror luminosity so as to obtain material property.

● Low energy consumption and high heating efficiency.

Compared with other heating methods, it can  reduce energy consumption effectively and improve labor productivity. The no-pollution  indicators are in line with the national standard environmental  requirements.  The power consumption is less than 380 degrees for heating temperature to 1250℃.

● Simple production and operation, flexible feeding and discharging, high degree of automation.

We choose automatic feeding and automatic discharging separate inspection device to achieve automatic operation equipped with our company’s special software.

Forever】typical induction heat treating equipment: PC steel bar heating system, cylinder heat treatment furnace, billet continuous casting and rolling production line, Sucker rod heat treatment furnace , Forging steel ball equipment.

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