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Round bar induction heating furnace

Round bar induction heating furnace


Application Round bar heating, forging, rolling,extrusion
Power 100KW-10000KW
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Product Name: Round bar induction heating furnace

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Forever commitment:No matter what the work piece is round bar, steel bar, steel pipe, aluminum bar,steel billet,or special work piece annealing,quenching or partial heating,diathermy, continuous induction hot rolling—We will design and manufacture the induction heating equipment to satisfy your requirements.

Bars induction heating system layout


Frequency selection for round bar induction heating furnace

Frequency(Hz) 300 500 1000 2500 4000 6000 8000 1000-15000 15000
Round bar diameter(mm) 160 70-160 55-120 35-80 30-50 20-35 15-40 10-15 <10
Slab thickness (mm) 160 65-160 45-80 25-60 20-50 20-30 12-40 9-13 <9

Main features for round bar induction heating furnace

● High reliability; simple maintenance; perfect automatic protection functions of over voltage, over current, over heating, water shortage and so on.

● Digital automatic control for  integrated circuit with manual,manual, automatic, semi-automatic control function.

● Automatic frequency tracking; power stepless adjustment; operator can master is within 10 minutes.

● Low power consumption.Saving electricity 40-60% than electrical tube and 20% than SCR.

● Infrared thermometer at the furnace discharging port and Siemens PLC closed loop control.

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Forever】typical induction heat treating equipment:Round steel bar induction heating furnace, steel wire annealing heating equipment, pipeline seal welding equipment, aluminum bar induction heating system, steel ball forging equipment.

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