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Steel billet forging induction heating equipment

Steel billet forging induction heating equipment


Application Steel billet rolling, heating, reheating, forging
Power 100KW-10000KW
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Product Name: Steel billet forging induction heating equipment

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Over more than 12 years development,Forever has been the leading manufacturer of steel billet forging induction heating equipment in China,Our steel billet induction heating equipment has got good reputations from the end users.The steel billet forging induction heating equipment can be used for steel bar forging heating,slab forging heating, special work piece forging heating.Welcome to contact us at

The advantages of steel billet forging induction heating equipment

● With the original German Siemens IGBT power module; Fuji rectifier; 

● Fast heating:the fastest heating rate is less than 1 sec (heating speed is adjustable);

● Wide heating application: A wide variety of work piece(induction coil can be replaced as per different shape and size of work piece);

● Easy Installation:Connect power supply,inductor and inlet and outlet water tube,then it will work.

● Operation is simple: Operator can learn it well within several minutes; Operator can start to heat after water and electricity supply.

● Low power consumption: less heat loss, smaller friction, 20% -30% less energy consumption than other similar products, reduce production costs.

● Good heating effect: Even heating( you can also get required temperature by adjusting density of the induction coil);heating up quickly; less oxidation layer;no waste after annealing.

● Power adjustable: Perfect control and  protection of over voltage, over current, overheating,water shortage and so on.

● The installation,operation and clearing of the equipment is simple and convenient, economical and practical.

Forever induction heat treating equipment service: Free field installment and adjustment; basic technical training for users; One year quality guarantee and long time technical service and spare parts service.750质量英文版 001_副本

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