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Billet heating furnace

Billet heating furnace


Application Billet heating,forging, rolling, reheating
Power 100KW-10000KW
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Product NameBillet heating furnace

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Forever billet heating furnace provides the high levels of quality and performance in billet heating ,billet reheating, billet hot rolling,billet forging heating.We can not only supply good quality billet heating furnace but also we can give you the technical solutions according to your billet dimension and production capacity.

Billet heating furnace technical Features(70mm×70mm×30004000)mm)

● The control loop use the forth control board (single board) and the key components are imported . The whole number and no-relay control loop make the system running stable and reliable.

● High successful starting rate.

● Small harmonic wave but high power factory.

● The multi-position structure make it easily to replace the furnaces according to different work piece induction heat treating requirement.

● The direct voltage is 900V and the IF voltage is 2500V, so the total rated output power is 4000KW.

● There are over current,over voltage,less voltage,lacking phase and water pressure protections to make sure the equipment running smoothly.

●  6 phases 12 pulse.

●  It is very easy to operate the equipment so the maintenance charge is low.

Dear buyer,

Please kindly let us know:

The billet material grade?

The billet dimension?

Heating requirement: speed ? time requirement? heating temperature?

These helps us to recommend  you suitable billet heating furnace  power and frequency. 

We will be at your service !

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