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Steel billet heating equipment

Steel billet heating equipment


Application Steel billet heating, rolling,forging,shearing
Power 100KW-10000KW
Professional Customization

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Product Name: Steel billet heating equipment

Typical Application:

Forever steel billet heating equipment can do heat treating according to different material shape and heating process requirement with power supply of 300-8000Hz. Our steel billet heating can be used for bars,round steel bars,square and slab diathermy, reheating,online heating, partial heating,metal forging(such as gear,axle precision forging), extrusion, hot rolling, heating before shearing and metal hardening.

Steel billet heating equipment features:

● In the whole process, the operator only need to put the billet in the storage rack, and the system will heat billet automatically.

● Successful start-up rate is 100%. The operator can start the power supply frequently.It’s safe and reliable.

● The equipment has self-diagnostic function, that means it will record and display fault and alarm reason,then you can deal with the failure.

● Perfect protection. The power supply has frequency,voltage,current maximum and minimum protection.

● Operation and debugging is simple.The power supply can exclude all kinds of misuse or malfunction.User can install or debug as per the instructions without professional guidance.

● Exact temperature monitoring and control.Our equipment has PLC closed control system, and the user can adjusting heating temperature by adjusting power.

Service commitment for steel billet heating equipment

● Perfect quality assurance system. During the warranty period, all the after-sales service work is free.

● Technical support for system.After you buy our steel billet heating equipment, we will provide a full range of solutions related to induction heating equipment and training for your operator.

● The complete spare parts.

● Professional maintenance engineers. Forever will give response within 24 hours after receiving user’s call or email.750质量英文版 001_副本

Forever is supplying good quality induction heat treating equipment since 2004.At the same time,we have win the trust and reputation of users by providing mature induction heating technology and thoughtful after-sales service.

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