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Steel bar induction heating system

Steel bar induction heating system


Application Steel bar heating, rolling,forging and hardening
Power 100KW-10000KW
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Product Name: Steel bar induction heating system

Typical Applications:

Forever steel bar induction heating system is used for steel bar heating, steel bar forging,steel bar hot rolling,steel bar hardening and tempering.Controlled by Siemens PLC console, our steel bar induction heating system saves labor cost and improves working efficiency greatly.

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Steel bar induction heating system advantages

● Used for copper,steel and aluminum bar heating;

● Compact size;easy to move,available to work with any forging or rolling equipment.

● Installation, commissioning and operation is very convenient, so the operator can master it very quickly.

● Induction heating method can make the bars temperature reach target temperature within the shortest time, which reduces metal oxidation and save forgings quality.

● Medium frequency induction heating for Ф15mm above.Fast heating speed and more uniform heating.

● 24 hours continuous working.

● Automatic feeding material.

● Energy saving and environmental protection;saving costs and expenses,

● Furnace replacement is easy to adapt to the whole bar heating or bar end heating.

● New type medium frequency induction heating power supply is different from traditional medium frequency power supply.More energy saving and smaller volume.750质量英文版 001_副本

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