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Steel bar heat treatment equipment

Steel bar heat treatment equipment


Application Steel bar heating, rolling,forging and hardening
Power 100KW-10000KW
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Product Name: Steel bar heat treatment equipment

Typical Applications:

Our GTR steel bar heat treatment equipment can heat work piece according to different material and shapes with power supply of 1000KW -10000 KW.Forever steel bar heat treatment equipment can be used for metal heating before forging,extrusion,hot rolling and sharing, also metal material whole hardening and tempering,hardening and annealing.

Complete configurations and parameters for steel bar heat treatment equipment

● Medium frequency power supply and parameters:KGPS2500KW/1000HZ

● GTR Inductor (Quick change type)

● Steel shell furnace body cabinet(Capacitor and its Water inlet and outlet pipe)

● Equipment connection line(From medium frequency power supply to capacitor cabinet )

● Storage and upender

● Roller conveyor(frequency control)

● Feeding device(frequency control)

● PLC control console

Forever technical support for steel bar heat treatment equipment

● The service team of professionals is ready to provide service of equipment installment,adjustment,trial operation,maintenance and troubleshooting and other technical support.

● Through effective technical guidance,we guarantee the reliability of the process and improve product qualification rate.

● In order to quickly analyze faults and provide parts, user can contact with us via phone or internet.

● There is a variety of common spare parts in our warehouse,so we can provide users with the parts as soon as possible.

● We will offer matching tool for our induction heating equipment,such as inductor,guide way,coil and so on.750质量英文版 001_副本

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