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Steel bar heat treatment furnace

Steel bar heat treatment furnace


Application Steel bar heat treatment,heating and forging,rolling
Power 100KW-10000KW
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Product Name: Steel bar heat treatment furnace

Typical Applications:

Forever is specialized in manufacturing steel bar heat treatment furnace for more than 12 years,which is used for steel bar heat treatment,steel pipe and tube heat treatment,steel billet heat treatment,steel slab heat treatment,shaft and axle heat treatment.

Forever steel bar heat treatment furnace advantages compared with others:

● Good quality and service is the basis of permanent development.

From design and production to installment and adjustment, Forever will offer you the most reasonable and cost-effective prices suitable for your plant.  Our technicians will go to your plant to give professional operation training.

● The core heating parts are 100% original German import.

Forever induction heating equipment in major elements such as IGBT module, overcast, the diodes are all imported from German.The usage life is two times than domestic ordinary brands.

● Quality control system to ensure zero defect products.
Forever fine manufacturing technology and strict quality control system is the guarantee of “zero defect” product.

● Factory direct sales

Break the traditional sales mode, Forever focus on network sales and terminal market sales. So our price is the lowest factory price.

Induction heat treating equipment-Steel bar heat treatment furnace service:free samples, free field installation and adjustment, quality tracking, one-year warranty and  life-long technical service and spare parts support.

For more specific Steel bar heat treatment furnace parameters and videos,please contact our sales person at sales@foreverfurnace .Welcome to visit our website 【 750质量英文版 001_副本customercompany


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