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Steel bar induction heating furnace

Steel bar induction heating furnace


Application Steel bar induction heating,forging and hardening
Power 100KW-10000KW
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Product Name:Steel bar induction heating furnace

Typical Applications:

Forever steel bar induction heating furnace is used for steel bar forging,steel bar heating,steel bar hot rolling,steel bar hot shearing and metal hardening,annealing,tempering and so on.The user need to tell us the steel bar diameter,length and production capacity,then our engineer will give the best offer suitable for your plant.

Main features for steel bar induction heating furnace

● With induction heating technology,the working environment is good;easy to mechanization and automation of production line.

● Using IGBT  as master device and full bridge inverter, our steel bar induction heating furnace has perfect function including over-current protection, over-voltage protection, over-current protection, voltage limiting protection, water shortage, lack of protection and so on. So the reliability is high.

● With frequency automatic tracking and multi loop control,our steel bar induction heating furnace has good features of simple installation and convenient operation.Our equipment can realize realiable frequent starting and zero load system design.

● Fast heating,high efficiency and little oxidation and decarbonization.

● Our steel bar induction heating furnace can meet the environmental requirements, which can reduce the labor intensity of the workers greatly.

● Partial heating for work piece is available:Strong controllability for the induction heating technical parameters;the quality and qualification rate is high;energy saving and reliable performance.It is a heating method with advanced technology.

Take Ø25mm as the sample for choosing heating frequency

Induction heating frequency selection table
Material grade Temp.℃ Ø25mm
30KHZ 6KHZ 3KHZ 1KHZ 500HZ 200HZ
Steel 1250 10-30 20-65 24-85 50-150 80-200 120-350
Brass 750 6-12 10-20 15-30 20-50 25-150 45-250
Brass 850 2-4 4-15 10-20 10-20 20-150 40-250
Aluminum alloy 450 4-8 8-20 15-25 20-50 20-160 35-250

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Induction heat treating equipment-steel bar induction heating service:free samples, free field installation and adjustment, quality tracking, one-year warranty and  life-long technical service and spare parts support.

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