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Steel bar heating equipment

Steel bar heating equipment


Application Steel bar heating, rolling,forging and quenching
Power 100KW-10000KW
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Product Name: Steel bar heating equipment

Typical Applications:

Forever steel bar heating equipment is used for steel bar heating, round bar heating, aluminum bar heating, copper bar heating, grinding rod heating and shaft induction heating.Controlled by Siemens PLC console, our steel bar heating equipment saves labor cost and improves working efficiency greatly.

Three important factors that customer must know

● Steel bar heating equipment power

Under normal circumstances, if the induction furnace power is larger, the equipment can heat or do heat treatment for work piece with bigger size and weight.

● Steel bar heating equipment frequency

If the frequency is high, it means the surface heating speed is fast,then this equipment can heat small work piece.High frequency equipment is used for welding or work piece surface hardening.

If the frequency is low,it means the diathermy effect will be good.Medium frequency heating equipment is used for hot forging and melting of thicker work piece.The work piece will be heated evenly.

● Steel bar heating equipment induction coil

Sometimes the power and frequency of induction heating equipment can meet the heating requirements of work piece, but if the work piece shape is special, the calculated power and frequency will not be suitable for the work piece. In this case, user need to order special induction coil and get the best power and frequency through test.

Steel bar heating equipment features

● Fast heating,easy to control and high production efficiency;

● Oxidation and decarbonization is small; heat deformation is small;

● Low pollution and low labor intensity;

● Online heating is available and easy to achieve mechanization and automation;

● Wide application;available to achieve a total or partial heating.

Induction heat treating equipment-Steel bar heating equipment after-sales service:free samples, free field installation and adjustment, quality tracking, one-year warranty and  life-long technical service and spare parts support.

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