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tube induction heating furnace


Application: heat treatment ;Hardening & Tempering 

Workpiece: Tubing, casing, drill pipe, sucker rod

Length Allow:Not limited

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Hebei Yuantuo Electrical and Mechanical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a large-scale domestic seamless steel tube induction heating furnace and technical solutions supplier. Yuantuo Electrical and Mechanical Induction Heating Equipment sells well all over the country and overseas markets. We sincerely invite you to visit our factory.

pipe induction heating furnace

Equipment features of seamless steel tube heating furnace:
1. High power and high output.
2. Low consumption of vulnerable parts, reasonable design of thick-walled steel tube heating furnace, greatly reducing wear-resistant parts.
3. Excellent heat treatment quality, uniform workpiece heating, small temperature difference between core and surface, low burnout rate of steel pipe surface, no oxide scale and decarbonization phenomenon;
4. Automatic detection, safety and reliability. The system has its own detection and alarm device. If the equipment of seamless steel tube heating furnace runs abnormally, it will automatically give warning.
5. Easy to install and operate.
6. International quality assurance. The components in the heating furnace equipment for precise seamless steel pipe heating adopt internationally renowned brands.

After-sales service of precision seamless steel tube induction heat treatment machine :

A. Overseas installation and commissioning, and training workers in operation.
B. A one-year warranty. If parts are damaged, they should be repaired.

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