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IGBT induction reheating machine manufacturer

IGBT induction reheating machine manufacturer


● Application: induction reheating

● Size : ø 10-500mm

●  Material: S45C, SCM440,42CRMO4, 16MNCR5, 40CR4

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Hebei Yuantuo   IGBT induction reheating machine manufacturer has been exported to more than 20 countries and regions with reliable performance and stable service life of more than 10 years. Free to provide users with professional and efficient induction heating equipment solutions.

The technological parameters of heating furnace equipment for billet heating and temperature compensation are as follows:
1. Size of continuous casting slab: 6000 (long)*150 (wide)*150 (thick)
2. The on-line speed is 15 m/min higher and the speed adjustment range is 9-15 m/min. The speed of each billet is constant.
3. Temperature Distribution
(1) The section temperature zone of continuous casting billet has its own characteristics. The internal temperature belongs to the high temperature zone with the temperature of 1100 C. The external temperature zone is low temperature zone with the temperature of 800 C. The low temperature zone is the part that needs to be raised by 300 C.
(2) Distribution characteristics of head and tail temperature of continuous casting billet. Usually, head temperature is about 50 C lower than tail temperature.
4. Users need to ensure that the warping head is 30mm and the sickle bending is less than 30mm.
After-sales service commitment of billet heating furnace equipment:
1. The company has a full-time after-sales service team and overseas installation training.
2. Parts are damaged within one year. We can provide them free of charge.

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