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induction brass heat treatment furnace

induction brass heat treatment furnace


Application: Forging, rolling, shear

Material Heated:Brass, carbon steel, aluminum

Diameter Allow: Φ20-300mm

Length Allow:Not limited

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Brass heat treatment machine

Induction heating is a method of heating a conducting material, as metal in a furnace, by using electromagnetic induction to establish a current in the material.It has good features of high efficient, clean, less oxide scale, instant start & stop and no preheating time.

Forever brass induction heating furnace is suitable for brass heating, copper heating, aluminum heating ,carbon steel heating before forging. If your plant needs brass induction heating furnace, please send us inquiry at or call us at whatsapp +8613303078975. Our engineer will give you proposal according to your brass bar diameter,length & how many tons of billet per hour you require.

induction brass heating for forging

Brass induction heating furnace application

● Octagonal hammer                  ●Brass bar, steel bar, round bar
● Wrench                             ● Standard parts, bolts
● Axe                                 ● Large rings
● Plate & sheet                         ● Billet, square billet
● Slab                                    ● Brass copper bar     
● Axle, automobile torsion bar            ● Bearing steel
● Drive shaft ● Steel ball


induction brass heat treatment furnace components

●      Mediate frequency induction heating power supply: KGPS series or IGBT series

    ●      Automatic feeder machine: automatic washboard type feeder or chain type feeder

      ●      Cylinder pushing device: The length will be designed as per work piece length and diameter.

        ●      Induction heating coils: Covered well by insulation plate, coil length and diameter is customized

          ●      Chain conveyor to transport bar or billet

            ●      Cooling system: Plate heat exchanger or closed cooling machine (this part is optional,)

              ●      Siemens PLC control system

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              If the customer has special requirement for the brass induction heating furnace, our company can also design for you.

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