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Brass forging induction heating furnace

Brass forging induction heating furnace


Application: Forging & Forming

Material Heated:Brass, Aluminum, Carbon Steel

Diameter Allow: Φ20-300mm

Length Allow:Not limited

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Brass forging

Forever brass forging furnace offer high efficiency and energy saving especially for the forging industry where the induction heater is used to pre-heat brass copper to 700℃ to 900℃.This increases their malleability and also aids flow in the forging die. Precise control of the heating temperature can also improve the result of heat treatment after forging. Our brass forging furnace has good feathers of pre-stressed structures, high strength, long life and easy maintenance.

Our induction forging heating equipment is suitable for the following work piece:

● Octagonal hammer                  ● Bar, steel bar, round bar
● Wrench                             ● Standard parts, bolts
● Axe                                 ● Large rings
● Plate & sheet                         ● Billet, square billet
● Slab                                    ● Brass copper bar     
● Axle, automobile torsion bar            ● Bearing steel
● Drive shaft ● Steel ball

Brass forging induction furnace working process

Set technical parameters in the PLC panel—Put brass bars in automatic feeding machine—Move brass bars into furnace by cylinder—Heating with inductor—Move bars to a place by pump wheel—Finish

Optional functions

1.Temperature automatic control: Our special closed loop temperature control system can adjust power automatically according to temperature measured by infrared thermometer. With this function, the operators don’t need to adjust the temperature manually, which can save labor cost and make sure the work piece quality.

2.Bars sorting device: With this device at the discharge port, the bars will be automatically separated as per high temperature bars, low temperature bars and normal temperature bars. This can improve product quality and save cost.

3.Closed cooling system. Our factory can provide cooling system equipped with brass forging furnace. With this cooling machine, you needn’t prepare anything, only supply power and water, then this cooling system can start to work. It is very easy to operate.

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