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Billet forging heating furnace

Billet forging heating furnace


Application: Forging & Forging

Material Heated:Carbon Steel & Alloy Steel

Diameter Allow: Φ20-300mm

Length Allow:Not limited

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Product Name: Billet forging heating furnace

Typical Application:

Billet forging heating furnace is used for forge rod, billet of copper and iron.Forever focus is to lead the market in top quality heating and billet induction heating furnace by providing automatic and innovative systems for long-life features. 

Forever Billet forging heating furnace is suitable for 

● Billet type: Round billet, square billet or slab
● Round billet diameter: ø20-300mm
● Square billet size: More than 20*20mm
● Heating method: induction heating
● Temperature control: Automatic temperature adjustment

  1. induction forging furnace

The approximate hot forging temperatures of the most commonly used industrial materials are:

• Steel 1200º C

• Brass 750º C

• Aluminum 500º C

Billet forging heating furnace advantages

• Fast heating speed, high production efficiency, less oxidation
• Working environment is good, improve the workers working environment and company image, pollution-free, low energy consumption
• Uniform heating from the surface to the core with high precision temperature control


    Billet size Billet length Heating Temp. Production capacity
    60*60mm2 3m-4 m 1000℃-1100℃ 25T/H
    75*75mm2 3-6 m Room Temp.-1100℃ 25T/H
    100*100mm2 2 m 750℃-1000℃ 7T/H
    120*120mm2   750℃-1100℃ 30T/H
    120*120mm2 11.5-12.5m 950℃-1150℃ 90T/H
    125*125mm2 6  m Room Temp.-1200℃ 8T/H
    125*125mm2 2 m 750℃-1000℃ 7T/H
    130*130mm2 6 m 950℃-1150℃ 50T/H
    135*135mm2 6 m 950℃-1150℃ 100T/H
    150*150mm2 11.5-12.5m 950℃-1150℃ 70T/H



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