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Automotive leaf springs quenching tempering

Automotive leaf springs quenching tempering


Application: Quenching & Tempering

Material Heated:45#,40Cr,42CrMo,65Mn

Heating way: Induction heating

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Automotive leaf springs quenching tempering line

●  Product name:Automotive leaf springs quenching tempering line, Automotive leaf springs  induction heat treating line
●  Product strength: IGBT design; Advanced PLC control, power & temperature control; High efficiency
●  Heating way: Electromagnetic induction heating

leaf spring quenching tempering

Automotive leaf springs quenching tempering line Configuration

●  High strength welded machine body,fine maching after aging treatment , stable performance.
●  Motor for feeding bars: frequency control.
●  Temperature measurement: Online temperature measurement for quenching heating temperature and tempering temperature, temperature closed-loop control can be achieved.
●  Inductor replacement: manual.
●  Adjustable inductor matching.
●  Alarm: sound / light fault alarm, alarm and record display on control interface
●  Connection for inductor and sprinkler cooling interface: stainless steel / Brass quick change joint.
●  Electronic control mode: PLC/ touch screen +PLC simple CNC.
●  The machine control system has function of various process parameters monitoring and record, historical inquiry, online monitoring and output printing.
●  Loading & unloading: fully automatic loading and unloading mechanism


●  IGBT technology, high conversion efficiency;
●  Energy saving 15%-30% compared to SCR/KGPS technology,  Much more efficient than gas-fired and coal-fired method, 100% start-up success rate;
●  Perfect and complete protection functions, increasing machine’s reliability and stability
●  No special foundations required, Low operating cost, Easy operation
●  Modular design, ease of maintaining and repairing750质量英文版 001_副本

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