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Bar hardening and tempering furnace

Bar hardening and tempering furnace


Material  S45C, SCM440, 42CRMO4, 16MNCR5, 40CR4
Length ≥2000mm
Power 100-8000KW
Control system Closed-loop temperature control

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According to the customer’s practical request, FOREVER develops bar hardening and tempering furnace , which is used for long round bar or rod hardening and tempering heat treatment. We have developed and produced the bar hardening and tempering production line which can be used for the workpiece tempering treatment process with a diameter of 10-150mm. FOREVER can provide free proposals and prices for bar hardening and tempering line project.

Basic information for hardening and tempering heater

Material  S45C, SCM440, 42CRMO4, 16MNCR5, 40CR4
Brand Yuantuo
Length ≥2000mm
Power 100-8000KW
Control system Closed-loop temperature control

bar hardening and tempering manufacturers

Will the bar have deformation during heat treating?

1. The angle between the transmission roller and bars is 18-21°. The bars will rotate by themself and go forward at uniform speed. This design can make the bars can be heated or cooled at uniform speed.

2. The temperature control system adopts temperature closed-loop control system, which can precisely control the temperature for hardening, tempering and discharging.

Does the bar need to be straightened after heat treatment?

As FOREVER has solved the problem of uniformity during heating, cooling and transmission, the bar has almost no deformation after hardening and tempering. So user needn’t to buy straightening machine if using our bar hardening and tempering furnace.

bar induction hardening tempering machine features

★ During the whole process of heating, hardening and tempering, the bars will go through the stainless steel rollers at uniform speed( The stainless steel rollers are driven by servo inverter motors and famous brand reducer)

★ Set up America infrared thermometer for bar hardening and tempering machine and use large screen to display, which is convenient for operators to observe and record.

★ Water tank and quenching spray ring are made of stainless steel. The shaft and wheel of spraying device is made of stainless steel and set up visible flow meter which is convenient to record the parameters. Set up water temperature measurement device to display the real-time water temperature.

★ The hardness of the products treatmented by bar hardening and tempering machine is uniform, and the products are free from distortion and crack.

★ Installation intelligent electric energy metering system for bar hardening and tempering machine: Real-time display the operating power of the bar hardening and tempering machine and recording on-duty or accumulated batches of electricity, to provide data for cost calculation.


    Diameter Automatic Control Power Design
    Ø18-Ø28 mm(bar) PLC Control IGBT200KW Hardening
    Ø30-Ø70mm( bar) PLC Control KGPS350KW Hardening
    Ø80-Ø110( bar) PLC Control KGPS450KW Hardening
    Ø16-Ø32 mm(rod) PLC Control IGBT200KW Hardening
    Steel bar diameter Automatic Control Power Design
    Ø10-Ø28 mm IPC Control KGPS350KW Quenching+KGPS160KW Tempering
    Ø42-Ø48 mm(Anchor Bolt) PLC Control KGPS250KW Quenching+KGPS160KW Tempering
    Ø30-60 mm IPC Control IGBT250KW Quenching+IGBT160KW Tempering
    Ø30-Ø60 mm PLC Control KGPS250KW Quenching+KGPS160KW Tempering
    Ø35-Ø60 mm IPC Control KGPS250KW Quenching+KGPS160KW Tempering
    Ø30-Ø110 mm IPC Control KGPS400KW Quenching+KGPS400KW Tempering
    Ø80-Ø110 mm PLC Control KGPS600KW Quenching+KGPS160KW Tempering customer

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