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Steel Ball Making heating furnace

Steel Ball Making heating furnace


Manufacturing Process: Rolling, Forging

Material: Steel round bar

Steel Ball Diameter: Φ20-150mm

Length Allow:Not limited

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Our steel ball making machine is divided into two types: Grinding steel ball production equipment and steel ball forging machine. Especially hot rolling is a new breakthrough technology in steel ball making industry, which can improve steel ball productivity greatly.

Because the hot rolled steel ball adopt finished round steel, Quality unified, The process of hot rolled steel ball is Heating–skew rolling mill–quenching–tempering–Cooling–packing, This process achieve mechanized assembly line work mode, At the same time, Temperature, speed,etc technological parameter is follow-up control ed by computer, To ensure the stability of the production quality.

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Main parts for steel ball rolling production line

1. Storage rack and automatic transmission device.

2. Induction heating furnace and temperature control device

3. Skew rolling machine of steel ball

4. Hoisting, conveying and cooling device of steel ball

5. Isothermal quenching device

6. Car-type or on-line mesh-belt tempering furnace

7. Automatic control system for quenching temperature, water temperature discharging after quenching & tempering temperature

Main production process for steel ball hot rolling

1.Factory inspection for bar material and diameter.

2. Using induction heating furnace to heat bar raw material to proper temperature  before rolling.

3. Red-heat billet rotates forwards between 2 special spiral-hole rollers and is continuously rolled into steel ball after being sent into ball rolling mill. Each set of ball rolling mill can be rolled into 40120 steel balls per minute.

4. The rolled red-heat steel ball is immediately put into online heat treatment device for quenching when it is cooled to hardening heat, after quenching, it is cooled to proper temperature(50℃ below), and then put into online continuous tempering furnace for destressing tempering, so as to make steel ball obtain high and uniform hardness.

5. The qualified products after inspection are delivered to finished goods warehouse for customers after being packaged.

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