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Grinding steel ball production equipment

Grinding steel ball production equipment


Power 100KW-8000KW
Frequency 500Hz-8000Hz
Heating Diameter Ø16-150MM
Automatic Operation Siemens PLC Control

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Forever grinding steel ball production equipment can make various sizes of grinding steel balls which is used for mining, cement,metallurgy industry. Our grinding steel ball production equipment has reliable performance and reasonable price.

Product Name: Grinding steel ball production equipment

Heating way: Induction heating furnace

Bar length: 6 meter

Working mode: Continuous heating and rolling

Steel ball heat treatment process: Quenching +tempering

Grinding steel balls application

● Mining grinding  steel ball: Ф20-150mm; hardness: HRC50-65;

● Cement grinding steel ball: Ф20-130mm; hardness: HRC55-65;

● Coil mill grinding steel ball:Ф20-130mm; hardness:HRC45-65;

Process flow for steel ball hot rolling production line

● After steel round bar inspection,shearing to semi-finished steel bar by specified length.

● Before rolling the semi-finished steel bar, it need to be heated to proper temperature in the continuous heating furnace.

● After red state of billet is fed into the steel ball rolling mill,it will rotate between the two rollers with special spiral groove,and then continuously rolling as steel ball.Each ball rolling mill can roll 60-360 steel balls per minute.

● Red state steel ball after rolling will immediately put into on-line heat treatment machine for hardening-tempering treatment,make steel has high and uniform hardness.

● After inspection, the qualified products will be sent to finished goods warehouse,then deliver to customer after packaging.

Material utilization

Material utilization :98%(That means each ton of raw material can make 980kgs steel balls), 2% material loss:

①Non-integral ball rolled by material both ends.

②Connecting neck portion between ball and ball in rolling process.

③In debugging rolling machine process, it will produce waste steel balls.

④Oxide skin in billet heating process.750质量英文版 001_副本

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