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Steel ball skew rolling production line

Steel ball skew rolling production line


Power 100KW-8000KW
Frequency 500Hz-8000Hz
Heating Diameter Ø16-150MM
Automatic Operation Siemens PLC

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Forever steel ball skew rolling production line is used for different diameters of steel ball and grinding steel ball production line. Please tell us your steel bar diameter,length,production capacity and power, then we will provide detailed offer including technical parameters.

Product Name: Steel ball skew rolling production line

Heating way: induction heating furnace

Heating temperature: 9501050℃

Material:According to user’s requirement

Quality requirement standard: Surface hardness HRC>60

Environmental requirements: site smoke,dust, noise, and dust emissions meet the national environmental requirements

Selection of power frequency for steel ball skew rolling production line

Selection of power frequency will follow the principle of optimum heating efficiency and temperature uniformity(temperature difference of surface and core) higher the frequency is,higher the heating efficiency is.But overhigh frequency will easily cause work piece surface over burn.As per our experience, we will design the suitable frequency which can reach the best heating efficiency.

Induction heater for steel ball skew rolling production line

● Inductor inner diameter and billet external diameter ratio is in a reasonable range, which is designed on the basis of the process parameters provided by the user. Inductor coil- T2 rectangular copper tubes is manufactured after the process of annealing,pickling, water pressure test, baking, drying, knotting and assembling,and then fixed as a whole. The anti vibration and integrity is good.

● There is water cooling copper plate protection at inductor both end.At the same time,it can prevent electromagnetic radiation damaging the operator.

● Inductor inner diameter:The copper coil of inductor need tamped lining to protect inductor copper coil.The coil inner diameter can decide the heating efficiency.General design specification:work piece+70=coil inner diameter.but lining need to have enough strength which can not crack or deform.There is enough gap between lining inner diameter and billet diameter in order to make sure that the billet can get through the inductor smoothly without touching the lining.Billet change or billet uplift due to incomplete end face should be also into consideration.So if the inductor coil is constant,more bigger the lining inner diameter is,more favorable to the work piece in the case of ensuring the lining strength.

The features of closed recirculating system

The soft water closed recirculating doesn’t contact with air to avoid scaling, blocking phenomenon and Electrolysis phenomenon due to water quality problem; Fan motor+coil+spray(Three treble cooling) the cooling effect is good;Do not need to make pool;Easy to move and save space.

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