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Heat treatment furnace for grinding ball forging

Heat treatment furnace for grinding ball forging


Manufacturing Process: Forging

Material Heated:65MN  60MN  70Cr2  B2  B3  40cr  45#

Steel Ball Diameter: Φ20-150mm

Length Allow:Not limited

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Product Name: Grinding ball forging machine

Typical Application:

Grinding ball forging machine is widely used for forging grinding balls, steel balls & grinding media, which is used in cement, mining, power industries..

balls forging



  • Material Storage and automatic Feeder
  • Induction heating equipment
  • Press machine
  • Steel ball forging die
  • Steel ball forging machine
  • Quenching system
  • Tempering furnace
  • Infrared Thermometer

Our service

   ●  Pre-sale service:

  • Recommend the most suitable grinding ball forging machine for customers, according to their requirements.
  • Inquiry and consulting support.
  • Sample testing support.
  • View our Factory.

    ● In-sale service:

  • Strictly manufacture the grinding ball forging machien, according to relevant technical standards.
  • Take run test, according to relevant equipment test run regulations.
  • Strictly check up the machine, before delivery
  • Delivery on time.

    ● After-sale service:

  • 12 months warranty period
  • Within one year free warranty, any fault caused by non-artificial reason, any quality problems such as design, manufacture, or procedure occurs, Forever shall  provide replacement parts after detecting the faults.
  • If any big quality problems occurs out of the guarantee period, Forever will send maintenance Technician to provide visiting service after checking with the customer and charge for a favorable price.750质量英文版 001_副本

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