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TMT bar induction heat treatment line

TMT bar induction heat treatment line


Material 29Mn5, 25MnCr, 25CrMnMo, 25MnV 
Round bar diameter ø10-48mm
Process Quenching, tempering, annealing

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Forever is specialized in designing and manufacturing TMT bar heat treatment line for 14 years in China. With mature induction heating technology and superior raw material, Forever TMT bar heat treatment line has got good feedback from users.

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Product name TMT bar heat treatment line
Brand Forever
Material 29Mn5, 25MnCr, 25CrMnMo, 25MnV 
Round bar diameter ø10-48mm
Process Quenching, tempering, annealing
Quenching temperature 920-930℃
Tempering temperature 500-650℃
Power required 100-5000KW

TMT bar heat treatment line price

TMT heat treatment line includes quenching, tempering, quenching & tempering. Then what is quenching and tempering? 

Quenching and tempering refers to double heat treatment of quenching and high temperature tempering. The purpose is to make the workpiece have a good overall mechanical properties. High temperature tempering refers to the tempering between 500-650 ℃

TMT heat treatment line process parameters control

●  Process parameters mainly refers to nduction heating equipment parameters, mechanical transmission parameters, cooling capacity, heating temperature, computer automatic control etc.

●  Induction heating equipment parameters: Mainly control the power of heating equipment, frequency, DC voltage, DC current, intermediate frequency voltage, to ensure the consistency and stablity of different specifications of TMT bars.

●  Mechanical transmission parameters: Through adjusting the installation angle of the roller and the motor speed to ensure the line speed and rotation speed the process requires.

●  Cooling capacity: Continuous multi-stage spray cooling water or quenching medium as a coolant, its has strong cooling capacity. Control the water pressure, water flow and water temperature while quenching to fully meet the technical requirements.

●  Computer automatic control:Using Germany Siemens PLC control system, touch screen display adjustment, available to achieve parameters traceability through continuous monitoring, recording, storage for the process parameters matching the infrared thermomete. The temperature control can be up to ± 5 degrees, hardness fluctuations ≤ 2HRC, straightness ≤ 0.5m after heat treatment.


    Diameter Automatic Control Power Design
    Ø18-Ø28 mm(bar) PLC Control IGBT200KW Hardening
    Ø30-Ø70mm( bar) PLC Control KGPS350KW Hardening
    Ø80-Ø110( bar) PLC Control KGPS450KW Hardening
    Ø16-Ø32 mm(rod) PLC Control IGBT200KW Hardening
    Steel bar diameter Automatic Control Power Design
    Ø10-Ø28 mm IPC Control KGPS350KW Quenching+KGPS160KW Tempering
    Ø42-Ø48 mm(Anchor Bolt) PLC Control KGPS250KW Quenching+KGPS160KW Tempering
    Ø30-60 mm IPC Control IGBT250KW Quenching+IGBT160KW Tempering
    Ø30-Ø60 mm PLC Control KGPS250KW Quenching+KGPS160KW Tempering
    Ø35-Ø60 mm IPC Control KGPS250KW Quenching+KGPS160KW Tempering
    Ø30-Ø110 mm IPC Control KGPS400KW Quenching+KGPS400KW Tempering
    Ø80-Ø110 mm PLC Control KGPS600KW Quenching+KGPS160KW Tempering质量英文版 001_副本customercompany

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