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Bar heat treatment furnace

Bar heat treatment furnace


Application Different material bars forging, rolling, extrusion, quenching, annealing
Power 100KW-10000KW
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Product Name: Bar heat treatment furnace

Typical Application:

Forever Bar heat treatment and bar heat treatment furnace is mainly used for bars forging, extrusion, rolling, hot forming, heating before shearing and metal material hardening and tempering, annealing.

Bar heat treatment furnace features

1.High degree of automation and simple furnace replacement.

2.This set of equipment is mainly used for heating of round bar,aluminum bar, gear, gear, axle bearing, connecting rod, shackle, rigging and other products before forging ;

   ● For example,round steel bar of diameter 30 mm-180 mm heating to 1200℃ before forging or other process.

   ● Replacing the high energy consumption and pollution equipment with coal or gas traditional heating.

3.The greatest advantage is that the operation is very simple,flexible feeding and discharging.

   ●  Fast heating speed, less oxidation layer, high heating efficiency,good quality forgings.

   ● Uniform heating;small temperature difference between the surface and the core.

   ● High control precision.

Forever team for bar heat treatment furnace

1.Having advanced technology, stable products, quality service, Forever will  bring you into the new field of induction heat treating equipment technology.

2.Under the conditions of ensuring the quality, our products can reduce your products cost.

3. Free to provide you with pre-sales, after-sales service and inquiries related to the media cooling performance testing.

4.Operating under the ISO 9001, Forever Furnace accepts order of non-standard and standard induction heating equipment manufacturing

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