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Stainless steel induction hardening furnace

Stainless steel induction hardening furnace


Technology Induction Heating
Process Stainless steel Hardening, Annealing, Tempering
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Product NameStainless steel hardening furnace

Typical Application:

Forever stainless steel hardening furnace is widely use for stainless steel induction heating, stainless steel hardening, stainless steel annealing, stainless steel bright annealing and other stainless steel heat treatment.

Stainless steel induction hardening system components

Main features of stainless steel hardening furnace

● Uniform hardening, no need straightening after hardening and no surface deformation.

● Complete induction hardening system is provided.

● 100% successful starting rate, 24 hours continuous working is available.

● Automatic charging & discharging system can realize production automatic, which improve your production efficiency and ensuring the product quality.

● There is infrared thermometer at the furnace discharge port, so you can monitor and control the heating temperature.

 Closed cooling tower: Using pure water as the cooling liquid, the closed cooling tower can maintain the best cooling effect because it has no contact with the air and no deterioration, no scaling. The user need not build water pool, and the maintenance is very convenient.

 Our factory will be responsible for hardening equipment installing, debugging and technical training in user’s factory.

 The quality warranty period is one year, but we provide long-life technical support and spare parts service.

Dear Buyer,

Please kindly tell us:

The stainless diameter and length?

The production capacity?

The transmission system needed ?

These will help us to choose the suitable furnace power.

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