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Medium frequency hardening equipment

Medium frequency hardening equipment


Application Steel bar,steel pipe, shaft,axle, wheel, gear, chain wheel hardening
Power 100 KW-10000 KW
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Product NameMedium frequency hardening equipment

Application: Stainless pipe, large gear, Octagonal hammer, steel plate, Bulldozer blade, long shaft, sucker rod, torsion bar. 

Quenching liquid: Water

Conveying device: stainless steel roller table

Hardening effect: No deformation, no crack.

Medium frequency hardening equipment unique advantages

● High reliability and  simple maintenance; perfect automatic protection functions of  over voltage, over current, overheating, lack of phase, lack of water and so on.

● Adopting large scale  integrated circuit digital automatic control with manual, automatic, semi-automatic and holding temperature function.

●  Low energy consumption; transformation efficiency can be as high as 97.5%;save electricity 15%-20% than SCR induction heating equipment.

● Inductors can be carefully produced according to customer requirements.

● A full range of energy-saving optimization design: low energy consumption, high efficiency lower cost than burning coal;

Characteristics of medium frequency hardening equipment

● We use induction heating technology in bar or pipe surface hardening or through hardening, the workpiece deformation is very small after finishing the hardeing heat treatment.

● Rapid heating enables the bars or pipes to obtain the required temperature in a very short time, so there are very few oxide scales.

● According to the requirement of hardening depth and hardness, the medium frequency hardening equipment can adjust the working power and frequency to meet the needs of users.

● Easy to realize mechanization and automation, controlled by PLC man machine interface, saving labor force and improving production efficiency.

● The medium frequency hardening equipment is easy to use, simple to operate, and can be activated or stopped at any time.

● Automatic and manual operation. Support 24 hours of continuous work.

● Medium frequency hardening equipment is equipped with double color infrared thermometer, showing the heating temperature in real time.

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