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Induction slab heating in a hot rolling process

Induction slab heating in a hot rolling process


Heating: Rod, bars, round bar, slab,plate

Cooling way: Closed water cooling machine

Heating way: Induction heating

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Induction slab heat treatment furnace with induction heating furnace

●    Heating way: Induction heating
●    Transportation way: Roller table conveyor
●    Cooling way: Counter flow cooling tower, no need water pool
●    Control system: Siemens PLC
●    Temperature control way: Closed-loop temperature control

Heating steel plate for rolling

Hot rolling steel plate induction furnace Configuration

No Equipment name Quantity
1. MF solid state power supply 1 set
2. Induction heater 1 set
3. The roller table conveyor 1 set
4. PLC console 1 set
5. Non contact type Infra Red Pyrometer 1 set
6. Pipe automatic discharging device 1 set
7. Water cooling system (optional) 1 set

Remote Console and Human-machine Interface

●    Provide remote console with touch screen or IPC system on user demand.
●    Customized human-machine interface,high user-friendly operation instruction.
●    All-digital, high depth adjustable parameters that make you easy to control the equipment with great efficiency.
●    Strict purview management system and perfect one key to restore system.
●    Provide corresponding language switching according to different countries and regions.

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