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Steel plate rolling equipment

Steel plate rolling equipment


Application: Forging,Forming & Rolling

Material Heated:Carbon Steel & Alloy Steel

Length Allow:Not limited

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Product name:steel plate rolling equipment

Heating way: Induction heating

Temperature control:Automatic temperature monitoring and control

Productivity: As per customer’s requirement

Induction heating improves safety, cuts preheat time and provides uniform heating in  the process of steel plate rolling, which is very important for steel plate preheating before charging rolling mill. Forever steel plate rolling equipment is using induction heating technology for plate heating before rolling with accurate temperature control. 

Forever can not only provide quality steel plate rolling equipment but also Forever engineer will give most cost effective proposals for steel plate rolling equipment.

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PLC intelligent heating process for steel plate heat treatment equipment

●  The program data of steel plate rolling equipment can be recorded, checked and printed in detail according to the year, month and day.

●   Friendly man-machine dialogue window, real-time detection of the operating status of the entire system plate induction furnace

●   The process heating parameters can automatically form a database and save it for years ready for random inspection.

●   The mechanical transmission system is stable and accurate, reducing human error and reducing the failure rate.

Induction heating steel plate for rolling

●  Clean heat directed only to the steel plates. Minimal heat is radiated to the adjoining areas.

●  Safe, comfortable working conditions for the operators

●  Lower operating cost compared to gas-fired ovens.

●  Optional automatic loading & uploading device

●  Optional infrared thermometer & PLC control system

Our commitment for steel plate rolling equipment

●  One year free main spare parts replacement 

●  Professional engineer can go to your plant for guiding installing & debugging.

●  A list of spare parts with the induction heating equipment for maintenance.

●  Response within 24 hours for customer’s questions ! 750质量英文版 001_副本customercompany


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