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Grinding media manufacturing

Grinding media manufacturing


Manufacturing Process: Grinding media steel ball forging

Steel Ball Diameter: Φ20-150mm

Length Allow:Not limited

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Product name:Grinding media manufacturing machine

Process:Continuous heating-skew rolling-steel ball quenching-tempering-collecting steel balls

Heating temperature:900-1250℃

Grinding media steel ball can be divided into two types: forging steel balls and casting steel balls, according to grinding media manufacturing operation. Compared to casting steel balls, forging steel balls has some priorities:

1) Smooth surface: forging process, no defects on the surface, no deformation, keeping circle and good effect of ore grinding all the way.

2) Tight internal structure: made by forged steel to avoid defects caused from casting process, high internal dense and fine granularity, enhance the falling times and impact toughness of bal mill ball, so reducing the breakage rate of ball mill ball.

3) Both for dry and wet ball mill: alloying elements with reasonable proportion, adding rare elements, controlling content of chrome, improving decay resistance greatly. In view of the fact that most mines using wet milling usually, forged steel ball is better for their mines’ condition.

In general, casting steel ball is kind of heat-resisting ball, used for dry mill with diameter of 1.5 m- 3.8 m, in cement plant; forged steel ball is kind of corrosion-resisting ball, used for wet mill with diameter of 1.5 m- 11 m, in iron ore, gold ore, power station, etc.

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Main parts for steel ball forging production line

1. Storage rack and automatic feeding device

2. Induction heater and temperature control device

3. Bar shearer

4. Air hammer

5. Devices of lifting, conveying and cooling steel balls

6. Isothermal quenching device

7. Trolley-type or on-line mesh belt-type drawing furnace

8. Automatic control systems of quenching temperature and quenched water temperature

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