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Steel pipe annealing equipment

Steel pipe annealing equipment


Application Steel pipe annealing,bright annealing,hardening
Power 100KW-10000KW
Professional Customization

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Product Name: Steel pipe annealing equipment

Application:  Annealing heat treatment process for seamless pipe, stainless pipe, thick wall pipe, weld pipe, pipeline etc.

Pipe diameter: ø30-400mm

Conveying way: Continuous roller table

Roller material: 304 stainless steel

Annealing is a metal heat treatment process, which refers to slowly heating the metal to a certain temperature, maintaining enough time, and then cooling it at a suitable speed. The aim is to reduce the hardness and improve the machinability, eliminate the residual stress, stabilize the size, reduce the deformation and crack tendency, refine the grain, adjust the structure and eliminate the defects of the internal structure.

Introduction for the steel pipe annealing equipment each component

● Advanced IGBT power supply can be suitable for more sizes of steel pipe heating, which doesn’t need user to manually adjust technical parameters as the intelligent power supply will match with the new load.

● Automatic loading and discharging system is specially designed and produced as per steel pipe requirement.

● As per user’s requirement for the hourly capacity, the induction coils turns and diameter will be achieved the optimal design for energy saving.

● German Siemens PLC console can achieve remote control for the whole system. PLC touch screen will display the real-time parameters including power, temperature, speed, voltage, current and so on. User can recall the previous production data for check at any time.

Steel pipe annealing equipment key features

● Energy saving and lower power consumption;

● Environmental protection without pickling process;

● Improve efficiency and reduce labor costs;

● Compared with off-line annealing,the volume is smaller.

● The steel pipe surface is very bright;no scales.

● Steel pipe linearity is good and deformation phenomenon is less.

● Finished products directly without additional processing and machining process.

Steel pipe annealing equipment manufacturer-Forever:

● Professional customization for steel pipe annealing equipment.

● More than 12 years researching and manufacturing steel pipe annealing equipment makes us reliable.

● Advanced import production equipment and strict quality control system.

● Perfect after-sales service system provide you with professional technical support.

● For the annual maintenance, user only need to take small cost for repairing the holding material of induction heating coil. For other parts, only need to check regularly.

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