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Steel heat treatment furnace

Steel heat treatment furnace


Application Heating, reheating, preheating, forging, rolling, extrusion, hardening, annealing
Power 100 KW-10000 KW
Non standard
Professional Customization

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Product NameSteel heat treatment furnace

Application: Steel quenching, tempering, annealing, normalizing etc.

Heat treatment index: Hardness, tensile strength, yield strength

Workpiece that has been heat treatment: Grinding rod, wind power bolt,  sucker rod, casing, line pipe, drill collar, plate, sheet, square pipe etc.

What are the concerns when user is purchasing the steel heat treatment furnace

1.As we adopt special designs for the quenching device, the workpiece will not bend or crack after quenching. But we need to see the specific size of your workpiece.

2.Almost all the customers want one line can finish all the types of their plant, but actually only suitable line can achieve the best heating efficiency considering different frequency range.

3.Our system has achieved automatic loading, heating, quenching and discharging, which can reduce labor and ensure the product consistency.

Advantages of steel heat treatment furnace

● Reliable and automatic running.

● The adoptation of IGBT from Germany Siemens in our induction heating equipment make our equipment saving 40%-60% electricity,40% water and 75% outside support equipment than traditional electronic tube machine.

● Our equipment can work 24 hours continuously because of its unique cooling circulation systems.

● LSI digital automatic control, multi-control function.

● Easy to operate,unprofessional worker can learn to control within 10 minutes.

Before sales

Our professional engineer will l recommend the right furnace,and can also customize special furnace as customer’s requirement and special parts.

Sales following

During furnace production, watching the machine quality and testing machine.and take pictures or make video for customer checking.

After Sales

We will send technical to customer’s factory to install and adjust machine.

Provide basic technical training to the local operators.

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