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Billet heat treatment furnace

Billet heat treatment furnace


Application Billet heating,forging, rolling, reheating
Power 100KW-10000KW
Professional Customization

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Product Name: Billet heat treatment furnace

Typical Application:

According to user’s specific requirements, Forever can equip with automatic feeding device, discharging device, closed cooling water circulation system.We can provide you with high efficiency and energy saving induction heat treatment solutions.

Billet heat treatment furnace features

● In the whole process, the user only need to put the billet in the storage rack, and the system will heat billet automatically.

● Successful start-up rate is 100%. The operator can start the power supply frequently.It’s safe and reliable.

● The equipment has self-diagnostic function, that means it will record and display fault and alarm reason,then you can deal with the failure.

● Perfect protection. The power supply has frequency,voltage,current maximum and minimum protection.

● Operation and debugging is simple.The power supply can exclude all kinds of misuse or malfunction.User can install or debug as per the instructions without professional guidance.

● Exact temperature monitoring and control.Our equipment has PLC closed control system, and the user can adjusting heating temperature by adjusting power.

After-sales service commitment for billet heat treatment furnace

● Free maintenance for non-human damage with one year and lifetime maintenance.

● long-term technical support;equip with inductor as per user’s requirement.

● Provide all the spare parts service.

● According to customer’s requirement, Forever can equip closed water cooling tower.

● Forever will be responsible for the installment and debugging of complete induction heat treating equipment and provide free technical training about operation and daily maintenance.

Dear Buyer,

Please kindly let us know:

The billet material grade?

The billet dimension?

Heating temperature and production capacity?

These helps us to recommend  you suitable billet heating furnace  power and frequency. 

We will be at your service !

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