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Steel ball making equipment

Steel ball making equipment


Application          Making grinding ball,steel balls
Power  100 KW-8000 KW
Heating method Induction heating

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Product Name: Steel ball making equipment 

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Forever can manufactures and supplies steel ball making equipment and machinery for set us a steel ball production including of induction type heating furnace,rolling for forging machines,ball grading machines,quenching lines and heat treatment furnaces(if required).Our steel ball making equipment process includes forging, roll forging and hot rolling.

Videos for steel ball making equipment for your reference:

Steel ball forging: 

Steel ball roll forging: 

Steel ball hot rolling: 

Steel ball making equipment working process: 

1. After steel bars inspection, shearing to semi-finished steel bars by specified length

2. Before rolling the semi-finished steel bars, it need to heated to proper temperature in the induction heating furnace.

3. After red state of steel bar is fed into the ball rolling device, it will rotate between the two rollers with special spiral groove, and then continuously rolling as steel ball. Each ball rolling mill can roll 60-120 steel balls per minute.

4. Red state steel ball after rolling will immediately put into on-line heat treating machine for quenching-tempering treatment, make steel ball has high and uniform hardness.

  production process

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