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Heating furnace for steel ball hot rolling

Heating furnace for steel ball hot rolling


Power 100KW-8000KW
Frequency 500Hz-8000Hz
Heating Diameter Ø16-150MM
Automatic Operation Siemens PLC

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Product Name: Heating furnace for steel ball hot rolling

Typical Applications:

Forever induction heating furnace is used for preheating steel bars before hot rolling steel balls. The diameter can be 20mm-150mm. With many proven cases at home and abroad, we have mature technology and powerful after-sales service.

The main parts for the induction heating system: 

 Medium frequency power supply cabinet

●  Induction heater

●  Automatic feeder

 Infrared thermometer

Characteristics of digital intermediate frequency power supply:

●  Digital constant power control system (Control circuit high integration)

●  Various protective functions (over current, over voltage, water pressure, lack of phase, under voltage, overload)

●  Low failure rate, easy maintenance

●  Long term work without temperature drift, stable working point

●  The main circuit don’t have cumbersome starting circuit and relay circuit, low failure rate

●  The standard cabinet is used to make the assembly reasonable and realize the standardization of medium frequency power supply

●  Curve adjustment is smooth, high linearity, no impact

●  Automatically adjust the power as per different inductors, energy saving.

Power protection measures includes:

●  Main circuit short circuit protection

●  Phase protection of main circuit

●  High voltage protection

●  Low voltage protection

●  Low cooling water pressure protection

●  Thyristor overvoltage protection

●  Thyristor over current protection

●   Protection for high rise rate of Invert thyristor current

●  Protection for Inverter thyristor switching time is not enough

●   Protection for Inverter SCR reverse turn off voltage time is not enough 

Inductor manufacturing process:

The ratio of inductor inner diameter and the bars outer diameter is within a reasonable range, which is designed as per user’s parameters given. Our inductor heating coils are made with large T2 rectangular copper tubes after annealing heat treatment, pickling, water pressure test, baking, mica tape, glass ribbon double insulation, drying, knotting and assembling process. The inductor will be a Cuboid after finishing. It has good features of vibration and Entirety.

There is copper plate to protect at the both end of inductor and it cancan effectively prevent electromagnetic radiation damage to the operators.

Inner diameter of inductor: The inductor coils inner diameter will add lining to protect the copper coils. The coils inner diamater will decide the heating efficiency. General design specification: workpiece +60 = coil diameter, lining  needs to have enough strength to avoid crack and deformation in heating.There is  enough clearance between lining inner diameter and bars diameter to ensure that the bars can go through the inductor without touching lining.

The inductor linning: Adopting practical Sectional integral casting knotting process and eccentric knotting process to strength pressure resistant capability and increase the linning service life. At the same time, this process can make the bars place the middle of the inductor, which is beneficial to the uniformity of bar heating temperature, and more in line with the principle of proximity effect in the electromagnetic induction three effect. 

Mechanical part

The mechanical part includes: Furnace frame, feeding mechanism, discharging mechanism and other parts. The action and heating time set is completed by relay.

Infrared temperature measuring device

The temperature measuring device adopts non-contact infrared thermometer, which is provided with temperature display and plurality of output interfaces, which can be used by a printer or a recording instrument. There is temperature display on the external control panel, which has the characteristics of high precision, good reliability and strong environmental impact.750质量英文版 001_副本

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