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steel slab induction heating system

steel slab induction heating system


Application Slab heating,forging, rolling, reheating
Power 100KW-10000KW
Professional Customization

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Product Name: steel slab induction heating system

Typical Application:

Forever slab heating equipment is used for various kinds of shaft, axle, round bar, slab,billet, standard part diathermy and hot forming; various kinds hardware tool, auto parts and metal material heat treatment using induction heating process.

Main features of slab heating equipment

● Energy saving and lower power consumption;

● Environmental protection without pickling process;

● Improve efficiency and reduce labor costs;

● Compared with off-line annealing,the volume is smaller.

● The slab surface is very bright;no scales.

● Slab linearity is good and deformation phenomenon is less.

Service Commitment for slab heating equipment

● Pre sales service: professional consultation, reasonable suggestion, scientific plan;

● Sales in service: delivery service, installation guide, free training;

● After sales service: professional maintenance, customer files, quality tracking.

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Service purpose: free samples, free installation and debugging, regular visits, quality tracking, one year warranty, life-long maintenance

Forever is the professional supplier of induction heat treating equipment. Over 20 years, we are developing and researching the energy saving and automation of induction heating equipment.We are aimed to provide our users the fully automatic and the most energy saving induction heating equipment.

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