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Steel slab heat treatment production line

Steel slab heat treatment production line


Application Steel slab heat treatment, heating,foring,rolling
Power 100KW-10000KW
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Product Name: Steel slab heat treatment production line

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Forever provides steel slab heat treatment equipment ,steel slab heat treatment production line used for various sizes of steel slab heat treatment with advanced engineering, reliable performance and thoughtful after-sales service.

 Advantages of steel slab heat treatment production line

● Energy saving:save 30% electricity than electrical tube and 20% than SCR.

● Reliable performance: perfect protection

● Fast heating:no oxidation layer and small deformation.

● Safety: The inductor is isolated from transformer.

● Environmental: no noise and dust pollution.

● The temperature and heating time can e controlled precisely.

Application range of steel slab heat treatment production line

● Diathermy and hot forming all kinds of standard parts, fasteners, machinery parts, hardware tools; metal material heating annealing such as steel pipe and steel wire.

● Heat treatment for all kinds of hardware tools,  hydraulic, pneumatic components, gas, motorcycle parts and other mechanical metal parts.

● Brazing for all kinds of carbide blades, turning, milling, planer, reamer, diamond saw blade, serrated welding; complex welding for copper, stainless steel pot and other metal materials.

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Forever】Our company commitment “one year quality guarantee period,long life maintenance!” You only need to tell us the work piece size, heating temperature and your present heating method,then we will give reasonable suggestions for your process imporvement and choose the most suitable induction heat treating equipment, saving your production cost and improving your product quality and efficiency!

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